Replay Radio

Replay Radio 11.0

Records streams broadcasted on the Internet
Captures the online streams of radios and saves them as local PC audio files. Connects to the Sirius/XM, BBC, NPR and more source to save the files. Syncs files with the Dropbox to enjoy the recordings from any remote location on the web regardless of the platform.

Replay Radio is the ultimate online radio recorder. Automatically record radio shows, radio stations - including Sirius/XM, BBC, NPR - and popular podcasts, as well as audio from any website. Discover new shows or re-discover old favorites with the Media Guide, and choose from hundreds of channels to stay up to date. You can convert all of your online radio recordings to any format and enjoy them on-demand from your computer or any smartphone/tablet.

Just pick a show, station or podcast from the built-in guide or your own list, and Replay Radio will schedule and automatically record the online show for you - you can even record multiple online shows and podcasts at the same time so you never miss a thing. For mobile phones and tablets, Replay Radio supports DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive for syncing your recorded radio shows.

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